Go Paperless!

Throw Away Your File Cabinets...

Before a paperless office was a thing, offices would be making use of filing cabinets when it came to the filing of confidential documents, but now it’s a lot easier and can be done online. Upload, store and share all of your company’s important documents with your agents, lenders, and customers. Keep your communications consistent and customize or edit documents to fit the needs of your customers. All this can be done with services like this document portal software, to easily track, review and change documents all in one place, with much more efficiency than paper.

Stay within your brand standards and have the capability to view all office documents assigned to customers to ensure accuracy with these document storage competences:

  • Be more organized and efficient.
  • Conveniently upload, store and access data online.
  • Protect data electronically with structured access and 24 hours a day, seven days a week system monitoring.document storage - orange man
  • Improve customer relations with immediate online access to information.
  • Recover quickly after a disaster, one centralized location allows you to retrieve critical data from any internet connection.
  • Paperless is the way of the world:

  • Access documents from any computer anywhere.
  • Submit paperwork by scan, email, or direct upload.
  • Stay organized with a checklist for every transaction.
  • Email contracts to clients, lenders, and title companies directly from the system.
  • Go paperless with your mail. Receive all of your post online through companies like US Global Mail.
  • Green is the latest buzz word pertaining to business. Lighten the payroll budget by using document storage and paperless solutions, like FileCenter document management software, while making the world a cleaner, greener place to do business.

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