We Have Some Raving Fans...


At EXIT King Realty we are utilizing many different lead generation websites. Broker Agent 360 is one of our newest additions to our office as we have now be using it for just over a year. I love the fact the this website is constantly being updated with new tools to help increase conversion rates which is not the case with some of our other systems we have in place. Another great plus is that BA 360 leads come through with phone numbers and also the most recent update as of last month all leads are set up with listing alerts automatically. The system does the work for you. I had a conference call with the owners yesterday to go over the new recruiting zone which is also all included in the system. Great system and we are excited about the future with BA 360.

Hello, just wanted to give positive feedback of the website. It is noticeably more user friendly, and easy to use. Leads are good. Great job, it’s coming along nicely. thank you.

As a long time user of BA 360 I have seen the great advances it makes constantly, it has helped me and my team grow their business by several thousand dollars.
The help staff is well trained and always helpful. I look forward to many more opportunities in the future!

We have been using Broker Agent 360 for almost a year now, and it has become an instrumental part of our brokerage success. In that short amount of time we have been successful in generating hundreds of new leads for our agents for them to convert and compliment their current book of business. Additionally, Broker Agent 360 has been a vital part in our agent recruitment as well as retention efforts as we offer it to all our new agents. With just a few clicks, our staff is able to provide the agent with a professional website and activate their turnkey agent productivity partner, so the agent can grow and market their business immediately. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in having a full brokerage solution, designed to grow your business, to consider Broker Agent 360 for their office.

Thank you so much for a great presentation and wonderful one on one help. I appreciate that you were so patient with everyone. You kept your enthusiasm and never got rattled. Thank you for recognizing what was needed and being flexible. Your workshop was just what our office needed.

Is there opportunity to get on BA 360 with an Agent(s) in EREG? Now that I’m comfortable with the system, it’s my favorite. I’d like to be on it with a partner or two. I know that may mean that I lose a partner or two in BoomTown. I’d like to discuss further when you have a chance.

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how impressed I am at what the Broker Agent 360 system is doing for our brokerage. Having used other lead generation systems before, I fully expected the initial process to take upwards of 90 days before we started seeing really solid leads. However, I’m happy to tell you that it’s taken Broker Agent 360 half that amount of time. We’re roughly 45 days into the system and we’re already writing offers on properties generated by the system which I think is amazing. We’re also seeing a nice decrease in the cost per lead. Lastly, I wanted to thank your support team and our success manager. They have been more than responsive to our needs and I’m confident we wouldn’t be seeing the rapid success we’re seeing if it wasn’t for their support so please extend my appreciation to all of them. Thanks again and I look forward to what the future holds with Broker Agent 360 by our side.

My experience is that your system goes beyond everything else out there. It offers a flexibility in almost every aspect of the business, which, if exploited is truly a killer app.

Another SOLD home from a BrokerAgent360 lead! Best lead generation system available! If you are not using it in your brokerage, you need to contact Matthew Stamer and schedule a demo! We have Zillow as well but BA360 is outperforming it.

Part of my role as the managing broker of Cooperative Real Estate Colorado is to offer cutting edge technology for my broker associates. These technology enhancements include web presence, customer relations management (CRM), smart lead capture, blogging, social media support and paperless transaction management that is accessible to all associates. I found all of these features in one application, Broker Agent 360 by Synergy Online Solutions. I spent time one on one with Chief Operating Officer and Architect of Broker Agent 360 Chris Richards. His knowledge and ability to explain the operations of Broker Agent 360, made getting this fantastic tool operational in my brokerage easy.

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